Decor Disputes: What's With the Gigantic Furniture?

Decor Disputes: What's With the Gigantic Furniture?

Have you visited a traditional furniture store lately? If not, let me tell you what has been going on for the past few years. Furniture is getting ridiculously gigantic. Tables that don't fit in the average eat-in kitchen, dining chairs heavier than full-grown St. Bernards, sofas as big as Buicks, headboards that dwarf 8' ceilings. An article in The Columbus Dispatch published earlier this year suggests this trend to the Brobdingnagian is the fault of the McMansion. Makes sense. All that space needs to be filled. Which, when you think about it, seems counterproductive. I mean, huge furniture takes up space (aka square footage) which diminishes the navigable space in a home. 

If we approach this as a chicken or egg question, I'm guessing the McMansion came first and retailers responded in kind. Now even those of us who don't live in McMansions are stuck with it. 


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donna kinnaird on Oct 21, 2012:

All I have to say is amen!  I am only 5 feet tall.  Hate this gigantic furniture and the fact that it leaves no room in the average sized home.

ezbi on Oct 20, 2012:

When I bought my 570 square foot house some "new" stuff fit just fine...bookcases for example. In large part, however, I furnished with vintage. The proportions were perfect. While it is true that the cost of re-covering a sofa can be comparable to buying a new one, I found it worth it, just to avoid the behemoth sizes of new ones. Of the new things, I found that Target and Ikea offered items that did not overwhelm the space.

Simone on Oct 20, 2012:

I also think part of reason is that people have grown larger over the last few decades. I have a few large friends and have to admit that I worry when they sit on my furniture. 

Heather on Oct 20, 2012:

I finally found a teeny modern couch!  It's made by Flexsteel--they're American, and great quality, and the frame is gaurantee'd not to sag or otherwise fail for LIFE.

Ali on Oct 19, 2012:

I'm a pretty small person and I have a particular problem with this large furniture trend. These super huge sofas are not comfortable for small people unfortunately. When I go to someones house who has one I either have to sit on the edge of the chair (which is hard because the other trend of over-cushioning makes it hard to sit up remotely straight) or scouch up to the back which is more comfortable but them my legs are way dangling at an unflattering angle. I suppose I would not even notice the issue if I were not nursing my son on the mega sofas. There is one unexpected benefit however. Being small people, my husband and I bought slightly smaller than average furniture. We're comfortable with the size but because it is less popular right now we saved a ton of money. So in the end I'm glad the trend went big. 

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