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Dude, Really? Uncomfortable Craigslist Encounters

by on Oct 12, 2012

Ever have a head-shaking encounter with a potential seller or buyer on Craigslist? I have. Two in particular come to mind that have happened over the past few months. In each situation I really wanted to say something (you know what I mean), but instead, I took the polite path. If I HAD given a retort, this is what I’d have said in each exchange:

Encounter #1. A guy comes to the house to buy something and asks if I’m scared, as a woman, to sell things off Craigslist. Dude, really? I wasn’t before, but since you’ve asked that question….yeah, a little!*

Encounter #2. We go to a couple’s house to buy something, and when we politely decide against buying the object, the wife’s previous pleasant demeanor changes to a peevish one and she says, “Why don’t you buy it, and then if something better comes along you can just list this one on Craigslist.” Dude, really? First, don’t tell me what to do, and, second, if I had been on the fence about buying your thing, you’ve just blown the sale. (We left, thanking them for their time, before she could throw us out.)

So..those are two of my most uncomfortable Craigslist encounters. Do you have any? We’d love to hear them.

*When I’m home alone and have a Craig’s showing, I follow a safety protocol. Absolutely NO PERSONS in the house. (All potential sale items are moved into the garage beforehand.) My cellphone is in my pocket, doors to the house are locked behind me with a key stashed in a hidden spot. If weather permits, I’ll grab my hedge trimmer before a buyer arrives and pretend to do some trimming. I figure those huge 18″ blades send a ‘don’t eff with me’ message. 

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