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10+ Quick and Easy Fall Scent and Potpourri Recipes

by on Oct 9, 2012

In scouring the internet for this roundup, I noticed that there are a lot of potpourri recipes that require a ton of ingredients. (I’m talking like a dozen or more components!) Many people don’t have the time to make dinner from scratch let alone potpourri, so for this batch of recipes, I decided to keep things quick and easy. 

make your own potpourri

We’re going to start with straight up traditional potpourri recipes. First is Woman’s Day potpourri. It’s perfect autumn project for the entire family. Start by going on a nature walk, collecting acorns, pinecones and tree bark along the way. Assemble four easily found ingredients and you’re ready to go. has a super simple recipe that requires 2 cinnamon sticks, orange peels and mixed dry cloves. 

Here’s a few simmering potpourri recipes that I rounded up a few years back. These include things such as allspice and bay leaves.

Money Funk has a few quick and easy recipes, but the one that caught my attention was the one called Cinnamon Buns, which has a bit of almond and vanilla extract added. Mmmm.

JanDee put together 12 simmering potpourri recipes, but her favorite is the one that is–rightly–at the top of the list. It includes fresh lemon, apple and orange. Click here to see this recipe plus the other 11. 

A glass jar full of things from autumn, made to look good.

Fancy House Road give us a recipe for potpourri party favors (pictured above), complete with lovely downloadable labels for gift giving. 

Now lets get to the potpourri hybrids! The first one is again from Have you ever heard of simmering potpourri BRICKS? I hadn’t and I’m smitten. Made with applesauce and baked, these would be perfect for gift-giving too. 

12-14-candlemake.jpgRemember the wick-free, wax-free Clementine Candle at AT? It’s still a great idea and needs repeating. Beautiful.

Another oldie-but-worthy project from Martha is using a carved pumpkin as a vessel for scent distribution. After carving, simply rub the interior with cinnamon and illuminate with a tea light for 6 hours of spicy ambiance.    

And, finally, one of the easiest potpourri recipes ever. It’s actually scented confetti, and to make it, you simply punch a bunch of images out of paper and then sprinkle a few drops of scented oil on them. Although, you could just as easily sprinkle some extract on them as well. Visit JaderBomb for all the details.

DIY scent potpourri to make your home aromatic.

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