Before and After: Building a Home Office

Before and After: Building a Home Office

If you've ever dreamed about building a small home office in your backyard, you are going to want to click through on this one. I can't believe they did this for $400, and without building plans, no less.   

created at: 10/04/2012

It was actually built as a playhouse by Natalie of Natalme and her husband one weekend, but I think this would make an amazing office space for one person. Don't you? Some place quiet, removed from the house. There's even an outdoor seating area for when your body tells you you need to step away from the computer and get a little vitamin D. Ah, the problems of a workaholic.

For more photos, visit Natalie's blog.

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Larry on Nov 02, 2012:

I am very impressed with the office your built with your own hands and you did it without building plans.

Sarahee7 on Oct 07, 2012:

hehe, that's not a before and after.  But a cool office.

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