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Free Download: Vintage Botanical Printables

by on Sep 26, 2012

Over the the past year, I’ve been collecting vintage natural history prints from various thrift stores, car boot sales and markets for our gallery wall.

In laying them out I discovered that I had a few empty spaces I wanted to fill and stumbled across this great resource: Botanicus.

Founded by the Missouri Botanical Garden Library, the project aims to digitize and catalog vintage and rare horticultural volumes, making them accessible to anyone with an interest in natural history.

There are hundreds of titles available, though this one has particularly beautiful plates.

Using the pages tab scroll down to the plates to view them and then download the volume as a high resolution PDF.

And now, you have access to an amazing collection of prints to create your own inexpensive artworks.


[via Honey & Fritz.]

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  1. Must thank you again for the tip to this resource. It’s hijacked my afternoon and will prove invaluable for some research I need to do.

    The plates I refered to earlier re. printing were from Kohler’s Medizinal Pflantzen. 

  2. just wanted to drop a huge thanks for sharing this amazing source, it’s people like you that keep the little known stuff alive, for which people like me looking for it, owe you big time! Thanks again, been looking everywhere for this kind of stuff and your blogpost was a lifesaver

  3. Why do some documents load right away and others never seem to load? I cannot see any of the pages in the Kohler document. Any suggestions?

  4. So neat, I am grateful to have some lovely botanical prints for hanging in my new home. Thank you!