Before and After: Cozy Kitchen Turns Light-Filled Modern

by on Sep 27, 2012

created at: 09/24/2012

I actually like this kitchen makeover before the remodel even started, but once I took a look at the new cooking/entertaining space, I was hooked on the ‘after’. You’ll have to take a look at the new space to understand what I mean; but wow,  a new layout and a full wall of windows does an awful lot for a small space.   

created at: 09/24/2012

Suzanne Brown’s kitchen was cute and cozy before, but lacked additional counter space and could use a little more natural light. Now that the kitchen has a full wall of windowed doors and the counter tops wrap around the entire length of the far wall, it feels twice the size and makes better use of the space overall.

I should mention that this was a pricey remodeling project, but if you can afford it, its well worth the price tag. You can read the full cost breakdown and view more photos of the entire process on Fresh Home Ideas.

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  1. dog

    my attraction to the before picture was how I found this site – so I was very interested to scroll down to see “after” but .. how disappointing!  Definitely like the before better.  I would have cried if this was my house.  The new windows are nice.