DIY Andy Warhol Soup Can Organizers

DIY Andy Warhol Soup Can Organizers

Target, in collaboration with Campbell's, recently released a limited edition line of Andy Warhol soup cans in celebration of the 50th anniversary of his famous screen print series. While I've been tempted to pick up a few, I don't really know what I'd do with them. Store them indefinitely on a shelf? Eat the contents; then what?     

Fortunately, Sherry at Young House Love has a solution for this particular dilemma: turn them into office organizers! The idea is simple (and certainly not 'new'), but I love her incorporation of cork-lined interiors. It adds that perfect amount of something, you know? Check out her tutorial right here!

While we're on the subject, what would you do with these Andy Warhol soup cans?


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