Before and After: Rustic Outdoor Dining Set

Before and After: Rustic Outdoor Dining Set

If you have ever come across an old table base, with no top, this before and after is one you'll want to bookmark for future reference.  

created at: 09/07/2012

I've seen a base like this before at a garage sale, but passed it by. Next time I find one, I might just have to snag it and try this project from DIY Diva. I love the way it turned out - kind of like rustic pie pieces. Definitely a cozy spot to have a glass of lemonade. Don't you think?

Visit DIY Diva now for the full tutorial.


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Cheryl Jones on Sep 20, 2012:

That  is such a cool idea! I especially like what you did with the carved pieces of wood for the table top. Where did you get the wood for it?

Emily on Sep 15, 2012:

Wow, so interesting! It looks like it was a lot of work but came out so pretty!

Lisa on Sep 14, 2012:

You must purchase a table like that the next time you have the opportunity. The posibilities are endless. I have one sitting in the garage I bought last week. It will receive a mosiac treatment.

I also have three similar smaller tables. Trying to decide if I want to paint the bottom of the glass or replace the tops using some vintage 1960's VCT tiles that I have on hand. I have also considered placing vintage wallpaper under the glass to give the tables that unique appeal.

Decisions Decisions.

Anonymous on Sep 14, 2012:

I love this look! Beautiful work.

However I wonder if what you put on the table (e.g. drinks, plates, etc.) placed on the table wobbles because of the space between the wooden pieces, or if it's level enough to be stable...

how2home on Sep 13, 2012:

This is very interesting. Must have been a lot of work!

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