How To: DIY Paper Mache Hand Hooks

How To: DIY Paper Mache Hand Hooks

Okay, I think I am just about ready to cover an entire wall of my new place in these paper mache hand hooks. I have to make these!   

Mandi from Making Nice in the Midwest found a pair of unfinished paper mache hands at a craft store, painted them yellow, added Command Strips to the back, and voila: hand hooks.

hand hooks diy


I couldn't find the unfinished paper mache hands on my last trip to the craft store, but I have a feeling I could make a similar version on my own from scratch after a little trial and error. What do you think?

Visit Mandi's blog, Making Nice in the Midwest, for the full tutorial.


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Seren on Oct 17, 2012:

My BF made hands with plaster of paris they make good key holders, you could try that. I searched for the paper mache version but they are 5 pounds each, so POP might be cheaper :)

Jennifer on Sep 10, 2012:

These remind me of the coat hooks in the Willy Wonka movie - love them!

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