Curbly Bookworm: "Recycled Home" by Rebecca Proctor

Curbly Bookworm: "Recycled Home" by Rebecca Proctor

From blankets to bowls to wallpaper to teepees (yes, teepees), Rebecca Proctor's new book single-handily revises "make do and mend"  to "make do and recycle." Entitled, RECYCLED HOME, Transforming Your Home Using Salvaged Materials, the book has something for every skill level who has a penchant for re-use. Divided into seven sections (Living, Sleeping, Bathing Dining Utility, Kids and Outdoors), the 50 featured projects are complete with concise directions and full-color pictures. Here's a project that caught my, an Upcycled Chair Seat, as I have a chair that is in need of a new woven seat (plus, I love the dangly bits):

created at: 08/27/2012

Although the chair seat is on my to-do list, there was one project that we had to make and immediately. That is the Scrap-Wood Bathtub Caddy. The arrival of Rebecca's books was serendipitous as I had been looking for bathtub caddies just the day before. (No kidding!) The chrome versions clock in at around 100 to 150 bucks, a price that put me off the idea. Then came the book. I knew exactly what scrap wood we were going to use too. Some leftover ipe from a prior Curbly project. Here's what Rebecca's Scrap-Wood Bathtub Caddy looks like, but to see mine (which we made for a standard tub) and to get the instructions on HOW TO BUILD ONE YOURSELF check back in a few hours (the post is coming!):

created at: 08/22/2012

Ms. Proctor's book, RECYCLED HOME, Transform Your Home Using Salvaged Materials, will be available in September 2012 and can be pre-ordered at Laurence King for $19.95 or at Amazon for $13.97, where it's currently available for free super saver shipping. 



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