How to Make Your Own Boba & Bubble Tea!

How to Make Your Own Boba & Bubble Tea!

My friend Megan first introduced me to boba/bubble tea a few years ago during an impromptu visit to New York. (Her enthusiasm for this Taiwanese drink was unmatched and I've associated it with her ever since!) If you have a similar love for this tapioca-infused drink, take note: making it at home is super easy!    


created at: 08/26/2012

The "pearls" in bubble tea are just giant tapioca balls called "boba". Making this treat at home basically involves cooking the boba and brewing tea. Simple, right? Definitely! Kathryn Hill from The Kitchn has all the details on creating perfectly chewy -- and perfectly cooked -- boba as well as a basic recipe to get you started on your own gourmet bubble tea adventures!


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