Bake It: Back-to-School Pencil Push-Up Cake Pops

Bake It: Back-to-School Pencil Push-Up Cake Pops

Can you believe it's back-to-school season already?? I swear the summer was just getting started! (I haven't even been to the pool yet... how sad is that?) To kick off all these school shenanigans, here's a very clever treat to bake, make, and give!    
Would you be surprised to know that this sweet treat idea comes from Angie Dudley of Bakerella fame? Probably not, right? That lady is all kinds of creative, I tell ya.

This "Pencil Push-Up Cake Pop" requires a simple white cake recipe and frosting (along with a bit of food coloring, of course) and some push-pop containers, which you can find in abundance online or at specialty kitchen and cookware shops. Check out how everything comes together over on Bakerella!

Want a slightly easier back-to-school treat? Check out this DIY candy pencil craft!

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