How To: DIY Faux Metal Fridge Magnets

How To: DIY Faux Metal Fridge Magnets

I'm a mother of young children, which for me means kids underfoot while I'm trying to get some semblance of dinner together every day.  That's why I perked up at the idea of alphabet magnets to entertain the kiddos that don't strain your eyes or your design taste- especially this inexpensive DIY version.  
I'm sure we've all walked past those brightly colored plastic alphabet magnets, and perhaps more than a few of us have been victims of putting them into our shopping baskets.  I'm guilty of it, but they only lasted a few days because they were so... colorful.  Not that color is bad, it just broke up my fridge too much for my taste. 

created at: 08/07/2012

Spray paint to the rescue again- this time with silver finish (although, you can do any finish you like!).  I could probably handle this alphabet arrangement on my fridge!

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