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How to: Make a Miniature Geometric Planter

by on Aug 1, 2012

Rachel, a Portland, Oregon-based artist who runs a mean Etsy shop (nebulas!) came up with this quick and easy way to make these charming little faceted plant pots.   She says, “I’m really a sucker for anything miniature. You know what’s cute? A horse. You know what’s even cuter? A miniature horse. Just try to deny it. You can’t. It’s scientifically proven. It’s also undeniable that these tiny little plant pots, complete with mini plants, are way cuter than full-size ones. They’re also super convenient, since you can fit one just about anywhere, and you can make tons of them if you have more space.”

We agree, wholeheartedly. Get the full how-to at her site, Transient Expression: 

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