How To: Sew A Grocery Bag Holder

How To: Sew A Grocery Bag Holder

Do you grocery shop with a reusable bag?  Here's my dirty secret: I don't.  I'm lucky if I get into the store with my purse and 3 children, let alone the 20 bags I'd need to carry out my groceries.  But I still want to do my part at reusing those plastic bags from the grocers!  Here's how I keep them handy for a million (okay, maybe not that many) different purposes.  
I must admit, I have two of these grocery bag holders in my pantry.  TWO.  And I've made three others for friends and family.  Yes, it qualifies as sharable material.  I've seen several of these tutorials around the web, but my friend Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional has a very easy to do, high-quality finished product tutorial.

created at: 08/01/2012

Her tutorial shows how to make a bag with a fat quarter (a half yard in fabric cut in half width-wise), elastic, and a ribbon.  If you can sew even a semi-straight line, you can make this too!

Find the full tutorial here.

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Erin @ The Great Indoors on Aug 08, 2012:

I hadn't thought of using elastic!  My bag holder just has a hole at the top (it's an old pillow case).  Here's mine:  http://tatumgreatindoors.blogspot.com/2011/09/plastic-bag-organizers.html.

Anonymous on Aug 01, 2012:

There's a YouTube video which shows how to fold them in little triangles so they're compact for easier transport & storage.

Sherry on Aug 01, 2012:

I like this idea.I've seen them in catalogs but I like being able to pick my own fabric. I do reuse the bags too. I use them for cat litter disposal and if I didn't use these I would have to buy some!

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