Make It: A Modern DIY Charcoal Mobile

Make It: A Modern DIY Charcoal Mobile

I love mobiles. LOVE 'em. We have one in our guest room and will be adding another to our office (if we ever finish making it over!). There's something soothing yet infinitely interesting about them -- their kinetic energy just does it for me, y'know? So, when I see a unique take on a DIY mobile, I get pretty excited.     

This version from Annaleenas HEM uses charcoal, which adds a whole new organic element that I find immensely intriguing. Of course, if you can't get your hand on charcoal like this, small twigs painted black or even just thin wooden dowels would work.
created at: 08/08/2012

I also love the idea of using this as a modern "lampshade" of sorts! Check out more over on Annaleenas HEM!

What's your take on mobiles? Love 'em or leave 'em?

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