Before & After: A Colorful and Kid-Friendly Mudroom Makeover

Before & After: A Colorful and Kid-Friendly Mudroom Makeover
I've never lived in a house with a mudroom, but I love, love, LOVE the idea of having a space dedicate to taking off muddy hiking boots or snow-covered coats after a day's adventure. It just seems so... practical. And I like that.    

created at: 07/30/2012

What I like even more, though, is this super colorful mudroom makeover from Jacinda at Prudent Baby. It's full of smart storage and clever DIY flourishes (like the bench cushion) -- and it's totally kid-friendly! Check out more photos and details right here.

Do you have a mudroom? Do you use it as such or has it become a storage/dumping area?

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Jorge Blanco on Oct 27, 2012:

Wow. Thank you for this. This is perfect for my friend. The hard part is maintaining it though. Kids and toddlers have a tendency to make a mess just about anywhere.

Anonymous on Jul 31, 2012:

I have a mudroom of sorts and it's so handy and helpful in keeping the floors clean in our apt. Everyone takes their shoes off when they enter in, a cultural practice where I live.  Just a comment on the one above: with the after photo, the owner put boxes where the dirty shoes & boots are supposed to go...do they really put the shoes in the pretty green boxes? While it looks tidy and pretty, it wouldn't be very practical.

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