Make It: Colorful String-Wrapped Earbuds!

Make It: Colorful String-Wrapped Earbuds!

Sure, there are earbuds available with a few pops of color on the ends, but the cords are always white or black. BORING. Add some personality and flair (and help keep them tangle-free) with this easy DIY project -- you may even find yourself wrapping all your gadgets in string!    

Those fashionable kids at Refinery29 came up with this clever project that's a throwback to the old friendship bracelet days. The process is super, super simple -- check out the photo tutorial right here!

What other everyday items would you give this friendship bracelet treatment to? Phone chargers, lamp cords, and chair legs are just a few I'd be interested in trying!

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Marissa on Jul 28, 2012:

tackar silje :D

Silje on Jul 27, 2012:

I made this tutorial in Swedish 2010 and I have been wrapping my headphones longer than that. You don’t even have to do any knots. Cool way to do bracelets and necklaces also.

The basics http://www.365slojd.se/?p=1742

headphones http://www.365slojd.se/?p=1799

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