How To: 12 Olympic Crafts and Edibles

How To: 12 Olympic Crafts and Edibles

The opening games for London Summer Olympics are this Friday. The competition may be taking place thousands of miles away from where we live (or not) but, we can get in the spirit with these super cute crafts and edibles. 

Did you know that the Olympic rings were first used at the 1920 Games in Antwerp, Belgium? Since then, they've become symbolic of all that is Olympian. It's no wonder they are inspiration to so many crafters and bakers.

These lovely 'ring' cookies come to us from The Decorated Cookie. Visit this page or click here and page through for full directions. 

Here's a semi-homemade alternative using store bought cookies with holes in the middle. Okay, they're not as pretty, but they're good for the kiddos to tackle!

Olympic biscuits

NoBiggie tells us how to make these cute and colorful Olympic Rings Candy Jars.

For DIY Olympic ring decor, it doesn't get much better than this project from Uncommon Designs. You'll never guess what is used to form the rings. Clever!

DIY Olympic Rings

For something a bit more understated, check out this Ring necklace from Remarkably Domestic.

London-born artist Rachel Whiteread created this work to honor the 2012 Games. Looks completely knock-off-able with the help of some polystyrene cups used as ring stamps.
LOndOn 2012 by Rachel Whiteread (Pic: PA)

[Read more about the history of the olympic rings here.]

So, what's another image you conjure up when you think of the Olympics? Perhaps a torch??? Yup, that's next. 

The Olympic Flame, which symbolizes the fire Zeus stole from Prometheus, was used in the very first Olympic games, but the relay of the torch didn't began until the 1936 Games in Berlin.

This sweet flaming cupcake comes to us from Party Pinching. The gold foil outer liner is a nice touch.

olympics party ideas, summer olympics party, 2012 olympics party, olympic torch cupake

A sugar cone is the perfect torch holder for these cake pops from Miss Candiquik. 

For a proper, totable torch (sans the fire), this project from Hoosier Homemade is the way to go. 

[For more history of the Olympic Torch, click here.]

No Olympics would be complete without some gold medals. The last pure gold Olympic medal was awarded in 1912. Since then, they been a composition of silver and gold. The last of which is plated. 

These DIY medals from Alpha Mom look almost as good as Michael's

[Click here for more information and history about Olympic gold medals.]

To get our patriot on, these cookies from Miss Candiquik are pure perfection. (BTW, you GOTTA see her barbell cookies. Click here to see those.)

For some GREAT and FREE Olympic printables, visit Tiny Me. Membership is required to gain access, but they're worth it. Choose from medals, a medal tally, Opening Ceremony Bingo, 'Go for Gold' Board Game and much more. 

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Debi on Aug 06, 2012:

As Svella said, very nice but the olympic rings and various other symbols are trademarked :(

SVELLA on Jul 30, 2012:

Teah, Um.. unless you plop down $17million in Ad revinue, don't use the Olympic "Rings" - you might get fined:



Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon on Jul 26, 2012:

Thank you so much for including our olympic rings! Incredible collection!! ;)

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