How To: Mix Patterns and Textures in Your Home!

How To: Mix Patterns and Textures in Your Home!

Our living room has a pretty established color scheme which could quickly and easily get out of hand. To reign it in and keep things interesting, I try to mix in different textures and patterns! It's not always obvious what will or won't work, but I promise this approach will keep your decor looking and feeling fresh. Here's how!    

Nicole Balch, the fantastic blogger and designer behind Making It Lovely, put together this awesome guide to mixing patterns in your home. She offers some excellent advice, tips, and examples of different pairings. Her number one tip? Start with a large scale pattern and work from there. (I definitely second that!)

Check out the full guide here as well as the accompanying Pinterest board!

Have more tips for keeping your decor feeling fresh? We'd love to hear them!

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