Roundup: Romantic Juliet Balconies

Roundup: Romantic Juliet Balconies

O Balcony, Balcony! wherefore art thou Balcony? Owners of Juliet balconies, the architectural term to describe 'false' or abbreviated balconies, oft lament their minis are not the 'real' thing. But with inspirational pictures like these, I'm lamenting not having one. 

Plants, of course, are often the first choice with which to decorate these kinds of balconies. 

So much so, you can't even see the railings sometimes. 


Trellises on a balcony? Perfection.


The photographer of this tiny balcony tells us that it's oftentimes inhabited by a little dog who enjoys watching passersby. 

Succulents are a good choice for greenery as well.

061209 succulent balcony.jpg

The succulents take second place to the pottery on this balcony.

This one, of course, is all about that luscious orange backdrop. 
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KeLLy aNN on Jul 16, 2012:

New Orleans has THE Best balconies ever.....just sayin. "}

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