9 Hour Home Office Makeover (With Nate Berkus)

9 Hour Home Office Makeover (With Nate Berkus)

If anyone can make over a home office in 9 hours, it's Nate Berkus.  In this case, the residences of said office wanted something modern that would serve as a backdrop to their eclectic collection of souvenirs that they've accumulated over the years. The space was bright but cramped with clutter and, although it had plenty of seating, it was uninviting seating as it consisted of only chairs.

So what did Nate do to fix these and other problems in the expanse of one work day? Take a look:
created at: 07/09/2012

Added was a large comfy sofa and the wall of books was broken up with baskets. The new desk was moved in front of the window to take advantage of the light and view as well. For more information on the rest of the room's details, follow this jump to House Beautiful.

P.S. Although I LOVE these fast makeovers done by the pros for inspiration's sake, I always wonder about their budgets. As well as the manpower utilized. I mean, if we had the muscle and the money, we could be cranking out some fast and beautiful makeovers too, no?

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