Are You Colorblind? Take This Test to Find Out.


created on: 01/06/09
 Color is a weird thing. Think about it...when I say, "Imagine the color red" what do you picture? Red, right? But how do we know we're picturing the same color? We can't. We can only assume we are. That's because we can never really know what another person perceives, ocularly-speaking. Throw into the mix a case of colorblindness and we might has well be from different planets. The weird thing about colorblindness, of course, is those

that suffer from it assume they have it based on what other people are telling them. What if they're right and the rest of the population is wrong??  Interesting to imagine.

SO! How do you know if you're colorblind? You can take a test. Specifically, this test from Xrite. Keep in mind that a good score is a LOW score. I got a zero. Shocking, actually, considering the state of my vision. Apparently I can see color better than small writing on the back of an aspirin bottle.

created at: 06/27/2012

Online Color Challenge [via Huffington Post].


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Nick on Dec 10, 2012:

Uh I got a 970. That CAN'T be good.

DesigningMom on Jul 02, 2012:

I scored a three, but that didn't surprise me because I'm tired and I got tired of "playing" so I gave up looking. I'm going to try again tomorrow when I'm well rested and see if that makes a difference. The good thing is it made me tired enough that I think I'll head to bed.

Sam on Jun 29, 2012:

I got 11 - and my eyes are all weird now - but that's really cool!  Thanks for sharing!

Stefan Vargasz on Jun 29, 2012:

Lame!! 77 =(

Oliver James on Jun 28, 2012:

I got 109. But I've always known I was colourblind...I just forgot how badly :c

Mandi @ Life Your Way on Jun 27, 2012:

I love this post because I always ask my husband, "What if my blue is your orange?"...and he thinks I'm nuts. Glad there's someone else out there who thinks about those things!

My girls and I actually studied light waves and color yesterday, and there is really no such thing as color in the physical world; it exists in our brain and the way our brain interprets light waves. So I think people who are colorblind really do see things the way they really are; it's our brains that "mess them up" by adding color!

CapreeK on Jun 27, 2012:

Zero! Yaaay.

Chris Gardner on Jun 27, 2012:

A 0 for me... and my eyes hurt.

SmilesALot on Jun 27, 2012:

I got a 4 and I was surprised at doing that well, because the colors on my screen need to be recalibrated. :P

Dorothy on Jun 27, 2012:

Kakakaka I also got purrrrrfect 0 score ;) High five artistic people! 

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