Roundup: 10 DIY Vinyl Record Upcycle Projects

Roundup: 10 DIY Vinyl Record Upcycle Projects

We've come a long way from the melted-LP-turned-bowl days. Yeah, people are still melting their vinyl, but they're also taking Dremels and drills to them, to great effect. Check out these 10 crafty ideas:
No how-to for this chandelier idea, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be that difficult to adapt to DIY. Some preliminary sketching, a Dremel and a light kit would be a good place to start.
 Make points us to folks using LPs to create insect models. In this case, I'd use one of those wooden models to create the templates. The creator used a laser cutter, but a Dremel might do the trick.
After making your vinyl models, you could use the unused center part to make coasters.
A Dremel was used to make this clock (how-to included in link):
Or you could use the same technique to make a clock like this:
An oven, a wine bottle (to shape the LPs) and some 2-part epoxy might be a way to create a wine rack:
Special Father's Day Sale-Wine Rack, Recycled Records,Colorful Label Collection, Eco-Friendly Functional Art
One LP, a couple of braces and some epoxy might create the structure for this business card holder. 
Perfect to stash mail, this project would requires some drilling and sewing. 
Record Storage Container for Home or Office
Another handy item: bookends.
Vinyl Record Bookends
Another sewing project, this handbag has more structure that the usual homemade variety. Love it. 

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Vicki Miller on Jun 26, 2012:

Definately trying the purse idea. Remember the old shadow pictures from the late 1890's 1900's? Saw shadow portraits/scenes cut out of old vinyl. Going to try those sometime too .

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