My Quest for Curbly House Color Inspiration

Our daughter's room in it's pre-painted state.

We're in the middle of a huge remodeling project to create what promises to be our dream house. Last week, drywall started going up and I stopped having contractions, because for the first time in months, the house began looking like a house again. Read on to see how I'm gathering color inspiration for what promises to be a huge paint job.

One of the bedrooms with a fresh coat of sheetrock and mud

The sight of fresh sheetrock immediately sent my brain into a dreamland filled with paint swatches and color schemes. I've mentioned before that I actually like the process of painting a room, but loathe the process of choosing colors. Luckily, Sherwin-Williams came to my rescue again with a new tool they call ChipIt! Basically, it's a tool that allows you to create paint palettes based on color schemes you like in photos, rooms, artwork, etc. Drag the ChipIt! button to your browser's toolbar to try it out yourself:


Get the Chip It! Button


I wanted to keep the scope of my initial paint palettes small-ish, so I focused soley on the upstairs of our home. Specifically, our daughter Ayla's bedroom (read about the inspiration for her room here), the nursery, bathroom, master bedroom, and play room.

I chose an image from each board, and used the ChipIt! tool to generate a color palette. I opted to intall the ChipIt! tool in my toolbar so that it would be easy to access (the other option is to insert an image's URL on the ChipIt! site). I then created a Chip Book to hold all of my chip cards. From there, I uploaded everything to a Pinterest board so that I can continue to add little details to each board based on the chip cards I was given. 

Ayla's Room

This fabric from Spoonflower was the reason I wanted to go with a coral/aqua or pink/blue color scheme for Ayla's new bedroom. It's the cheeriest print in the universe. Based on the swatch, ChipIt! gave me these color ideas:

Color board for Ayla's bedroom

Play Room

Our new house has four bedrooms, which is a real treat. We'll be using the fourth bedroom as a toy storage hub, errr ... play room for all the kid stuff that's currently cluttering our house. I want to keep the wall color simple in the room, but love the thought of using wallpaper on one wall. This "Lovebirds" wallpaper by Aimee Wilder might just be the ticket. Based on the ChipIt! results, I think it will be fun to paint some of the furniture we'll be using in the room in the orange, gray, and ivory ChipIt! drew from the birds.

Playroom color inspiration

Master Bedroom

We won't be creating the master bedroom until we do our addition this fall (fingers crossed, we hope it will be this fall). But, we know we'd like to keep the room's colors soft and subtle to give it an open, airy feeling. The room will overlook our backyard, which is full of old trees, so it's important for the bedroom to have an organic feeling that keeps the space feeling natural. This image from Art.com captures the feeling we'll be going for with our new sleeping quarters:

Color inspiration for the master bedroom


This wedding centerpiece from Ruffled inspired the colors in our initial nursery (read about that makeover here), and I love the color scheme so much that I want to bring it with us to the new house. Only this time, I plan to add polka-dots to the wall! Here's the color palette ChipIt! generated based on the photo:

Nursery color board



In addition to thinking about paint colors for the upstairs bathroom, we're also in the process of choosing fixtures, a vanity, tiles, etc. This image from West Elm incorporates the colors and style we're considering, and ChipIt! gave us some great suggestions based on the image:

Bathroom color inspiration


Our next step will be to get some paint swatches and samples, and begin putting some of these colors up on the walls to see how they work with each room. Stay tuned as our painting adventure begins!

Read all the posts in the Curbly House series! Follow along as we document every step of our complete home makeover, from gutting the walls to putting up the finishing touches. And don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments!


This post was sponsored by Sherwin-Williams, but all opinions are my own

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