Make It: A Minimal DIY Desk Fan

Make It: A Minimal DIY Desk Fan

I'm bracing myself for an impending heatwave this weekend (with a yet-to-be-determined end date) and am realizing now just how gosh darn hot my office gets -- without a heatwave! In anticipation, I've been looking at possibly adding a small fan or two to my space, when BAM! I spotted this adorably minimal DIY desk fan. Isn't it just the cutest?    

Even more awesome is the fact that this puppy will function year-round: it also has a built-in heater for those chilly winter months. Brilliant. While this is a DIY project, from the looks of it you'll need a little bit of technical know-how, because stuff like this is going to happen:

created at: 06/21/2012

It's still totally DIYable, but if you've never worked with electrical components, seek help or input from someone who has. Other than that, just some super basic woodworking skills will see you to the finish line of this project!

Check out the full tutorial and lots of photos over on Instructables!

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