Make It: DIY Color-Blocked Coasters!

Make It: DIY Color-Blocked Coasters!

I can't quite put my finger on it, but for some reason I'm a total sucker for coasters. Maybe because they're small, cute, and functional?? Who knows... But I do know that these DIY color-blocked coasters are just too fantastic not to share!    

These lovely little numbers were part of the Poppytalk Lookbook but recently made their way onto the site as a full-blown DIY. I'm glad they did because, as I mentioned previously, I'm nursing a healthy coaster obsession.

created at: 06/14/2012

The project is pretty simple and would even make for some quick-and-easy gift-giving if you're in a pinch. Just tie 'em up in a pretty bow and you're golden. Check out how to make them over on Poppytalk!

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