DIY Idea: Tennis Ball Helper

DIY Idea: Tennis Ball Helper

 This cute little fellow will gladly hold your keys, mail, pen and hand towel without one complaint. And, when not lending a hand--er....mouth, he wears a sweet smile. So, how do we DIY one? An Xacto will create the smile, rivets or even googly eyes will make perfect peepers and a suction cup (attached via hole in the back, possibly) will keep him right wear you need him. 

created at: 06/08/2012

 Spotted at Recyclart, via Do It And Now who found him here.

created at: 06/08/2012

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Jose on Oct 16, 2014:

how do you connect it to the wall.?

Andrei on Aug 21, 2013:

But how do we stick it to the wall????

stan.katzer on Jun 19, 2012:

Set this up in my garage; great idea!  Stan Katzer

DIY Maven on Jun 11, 2012:


DesigningMom on Jun 09, 2012:

Too cute! The poor thing isn't going to last too long if he doesn't give up smoking though.

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