How to Make Backlit Canvas Art

How to Make Backlit Canvas Art

When Michele saw artist  Valérie Boy's Féérie Florale, she was struck with inspiration. She wanted to attempt to make a knock off of sorts. The fact that the original is powder-coated metal and stands six feet tall, that didn't dissuade Michele. She jumped right in and adapted to suit the materials available to her and her expertise. Here's what she created:

created at: 05/31/2012

Ultimately, Michele chose to use canvas and card stock. The latter she stamped with flowers motifs, which she then cut with an Xacto. She attached the paper to the canvas with clear photo corners so she could re-use the canvas. (My kinda gal.) By gently pulling up the cut sections of the paper, it makes the flowers pop and lets the fairy lights that she attached to the back of the canvas shine through. Brilliant. To see the entire how-to, visit The Scrap Shoppe Blog

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DIY Maven on Jun 09, 2012:

KP--I think because of the paper on top of the canvas. Together they block out the light, as it were, so it only shows through the cut parts. 

Myra on Jun 08, 2012:

That was the original, the one she did was the recreated one

KP on Jun 05, 2012:

Ok, so how did she get only the flowers to be backlit while the rest of the canvass remains dark?

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