How To: Stencil the Easy Way

how to stencil the easy way

Adding a pattern to the back of a bookcase or china cabinet is a great way to give it a shot of personality. Linda figured out a great way to do it with ease AND a fear of commitment.  

Instead of painting (or wallpapering, or attaching fabric) directly to the backside of her china cabinet, Linda cut a piece of foam core to the same dimensions and painted her stencil on that.

stenciled foam core background

This way, she can easily remove it when she wants to switch up her color scheme, plus it's way easier to paint a piece of foam core rather than trying to cram a stencil inside a cabinet and paint that way.

how to stencil the easy way

Linda has a full tutorial with some helpful stenciling tips on her blog, Burlap and Blue.

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cheri on Jun 01, 2012:

Craftmel...they are there today ~ I didn't do a thing...hmmm interesting. 

craftmel on Jun 01, 2012:

Cheri, I often have to switch browsers if I have a problem viewing.  See if that works!

cheri on May 31, 2012:

I can't view the pictures posted with the ideas. Can anyone help me? 


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