How to: Paint Upholstery

by on May 2, 2012

created at: 05/02/2012

Kristy snagged the wingback chair pictured above* on Craigslist. She was impressed by its condition and quality; what she wasn’t impressed with was the color.  She considered having reupholstered, but the $500 to $700 price tag wasn’t in the budget. So, what did Kristy do? She painted the chair–fabric and all. The supplies she used weren’t anything special as evidenced by her materials list, which included the following:

  • 1 Quart of latex satin paint in the color of your choice
  • 1 Spray bottle full of water
  • 1 2 inch or smaller paint brush
  • Fabric medium (equal to the amount of paint that you use)
  • Acrylic craft paint in the color of your choice (should match the color of the Latex paint)
  • Sand paper in around a 180 grit
To see how Kristy used the materials, visit Hyphen Interiors. To see the outcome, feast your eyes on this:created at: 05/02/2012 
Kind of amazing, huh? You probably have the same questions I do, like does it feel crunchy, and does the paint rub off. To get answers to those and others, see the tips in Kristy’s post. She has some GREAT ones, which are are required reading if you want to attempt such a project. 

 *Kristy apologizes for the fuzzy pictures as they were taken when she was new to blogging. No worries, Kristy, we’re still impressed by the project!

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