DIY Idea: Mini Gold Leaf Notebooks

DIY Idea: Mini Gold Leaf Notebooks

As an avid note-taker and a prolific list-maker, I feel like I'm constantly on the hunt for scraps of paper to jot things down on. So when I spied these DIY notebooks in NEON PINK and GOLD (!!!), I got a little excited at the possibilities!   

created at: 04/26/2012

Using scrap paper for the book jacket and regular printer paper for the pages, Whitney from EatSleepCuddle created these darling little notebooks. They're assembled with PVA glue and embellished with gold leafing for that perfectly-dipped look. Fabulous, right? Check out more over on EatSleepCuddle!

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Anonymous on Nov 08, 2015:

Come on! This isn't any help! If you would have atleast put the directions this would half decent!

Anonymous on Dec 22, 2014:

You don't even explain how to make it.... I'm trying to make these as Christmas presents right now and I'm failing miserably. This pin/post sucks. It's just a bunch of pretty pictures

Omnom on Nov 13, 2014:


CapreeK on Apr 27, 2012:

I'm with you, Jenna!

Jenna on Apr 27, 2012:

These would make an awesome mother's day gift. I think I must make about a bajillion of them, right now!!

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