DIY Bookshelf with Built-in Desk

DIY Bookshelf with Built-in Desk

Elisabeth's dining room works triple duty as a sewing room for herself and a place for art projects with her boys. When she needed a large wall storage solution, she considered many store-bought choices before her hubs went the DIY route.

Elisabeth and her family wanted white shelves, but she couldn't quite pull the trigger on the ubiquitous Ikea Billy units. She wanted a higher end look. So her husband built 96" shelves with 5-ply plywood with poplar trim for $250.

diy bookshelves


I love adding the workstation to the center unit! Elisabeth customized it by adding a backing board of fabric-covered Homasote, which also functions as a pin board.


fabric backed bookshelf


There are more details on this project (and links to her DIY tables) on the blog, Growing Home


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