Bake It: Cinco de Mayo Piñata Cookies

Bake It: Cinco de Mayo Piñata Cookies

Cinco de Mayo is next week (holy cow, how is it May already??) and these colorful, treat-filled piñata cookies are perfect for kicking off the festivities!   


If you can get your hands on a burro/piñata-shaped cookie cutter, all the better, but any larger animal-shaped one will do (or even a big star shape). After that, it's all about having some fun with your colors and creating a hollow cookie "sandwich". Sandra from SheKnows has the full scoop (and a sugar cookie recipe), so go check it out!

Just to note, each "piñata" takes about three cookies to create, so plan on making a lot of dough if you want enough to go around!

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Gina Johnson on Apr 27, 2012:

Whaaat. OKAY. I need to learn how to make these! I will impress everybody!

CapreeK on Apr 27, 2012:

Right?? I need to make some, STAT!

MollyMC on Apr 27, 2012:

Que Bueno! These are amazing!

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