Make It: Anthropologie-Inspired Wooden Book Holder

Make It: Anthropologie-Inspired Wooden Book Holder

Esther's pops cut down a piece of plywood into the necessary dimensions to make this spot-on recreation of Anthro's wooden holder for their vintage box-set books. The store-bought versions--complete with vintage books--cost between $1,400 to $2,000. The price, I'm guessing, is reflected in the books more than the holder. But be that as it may, a holder such as this will make more modest cook book collections, like Esther's, look fab. For comparison, Esther's version is pictured above, Anthro's below.

Vintage Books Boxed Set

For all the deets, visit whollyKao.

Discovered at Knock Off Decor. 

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smilesAlot on Aug 06, 2012:

That's really cool! And probably so easy to do. I kinda' like the custom one more than the name brand one. :)

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