Makeover: First Class Kitchen Upgrade

Makeover: First Class Kitchen Upgrade

This builder-basic kitchen didn't just get a facelift. It got an entire face transplant! Not only does it look like an entirely new space, even though the layout didn't change one iota, it looks completely professional-grade. See how this homeowner DIY turned out.

DIY Kitchen After

Cristina's biggest priorities for her kitchen remodel were to get the microwave off the counter (she put it in the island), get rid of the dead space above the cabinets (she added decorative molding), and improve the island's appearance from the dining area (she removed an electrical outlet and added open shelving.

DIY kitchen after detail

I love the color reverse on the island, with the black base and the white top. It's so subtle you almost don't notice why it's different, only that it adds to the overall look. And that look is the equivalent of a million bucks, if you ask me!

You can see more photos on Cristina's blog, Remodelando La Casa, and find links to all the DIY projects she tackled along the way.

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Anonymous on May 09, 2012:

I don't think that Shana is being rude, only honest. If your going to put yourself out there and post something you should be aware that you may get a comment from someone who may not like it. It would have been different if she would have used language that was insensitive or rude such as; "you did a horrible job" or "you have horrible taste" etc. but she was simply honest about her own choices. It is actually quite rude for someone to attempt to control others but making them feel bad about their constructive comment. :)

Sarah e on Apr 23, 2012:

Love those lights!

Anonymous on Apr 15, 2012:

I don't think Shana was rude, just wanting more variety in the makeovers. And I totally agree... I do like the solid countertops rather than the same old granite

Anonymous on Apr 15, 2012:

Shana that was pretty rude.  If you didn't approve of her choices, just don't comment.  It's common courtesy.  I think the makeover is beautiful.  Well done!

:Dondra on Apr 14, 2012:

Beautiful kitchen!!!

Shana on Apr 14, 2012:

Ugh, I am getting SO bored with the white paint on cabinets!  I would never, ever paint my cabinets white.  I like the color reverse on the island, but would love to see some paint jobs that are a bit different.  I remember seeing on on either an HGTV or DIY episode where they painted the cabinets a color, then basically burnished them.  It looked fairly simple and it was definitely a major improvement on the same old, same old white.  Would love to see something in that line on the makeovers on here!

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