Make It: Fresh Dandelion Flower Sorbet!

Make It: Fresh Dandelion Flower Sorbet!

First, um, I didn't know you could eat dandelions!  Hibiscus, yes, but dandelions??  You learn something new every day, I guess.  Anyway, this new knowledge has made me fiercely curious about trying this flowery frozen treat!   


This recipe comes from Ian Grout of Paper Tuesday, who claims it tastes like "the essence of spring itself".  Well, I'm sold (I do love spring).  You'll need to spend a day foraging for dandelion blooms (in a pesticide-free area, of course) and then after that it's all water, sugar, and lemon juice.  Head over to Paper Tuesday for the entire process which, while a little involved, could be a fun springtime foodie challenge!

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