Ingenious Drop Cloth-Covered Ottoman Makeover

Ingenious Drop Cloth-Covered Ottoman Makeover

Becca says she can't sew, which is why she was putting off her ottoman makeover. You see, it needed a skirt that would need to be sewed, and she didn't want it to look homemade. To 'skirt' (pardon the pun) sewing issue, she bought a drop cloth (for $11) and used its finished edge(s) to make the skirt, thereby achieving a professional edge. Smart, right? But that's not all.

created at: 04/04/2012

Since she was changing the original to a tufted ottoman, she needed to space holes in which to sew through thereby attaching the buttons. For this she used pegboard. Really smart, right? As you can see from the after picture, the project was a major success. To read all about it, and to get all the hints you need to attempt such a do-over yourself, visit Gardeners 2 Bergers.

Discovered at Knock Off Decor.


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DIY Maven on Apr 05, 2012:

@Becca--glad people are visiting you! It really is a great project. Kudos. 

Becca on Apr 04, 2012:

I noticed quite a bit of traffic coming from you and popped over to say hello! Imagine my surprise when I saw the most lovely post written about my little project! Thanks for the kuds- you were too kind to my little DIY!

xo Becca

PS Of course I'm off to poke around now!

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