Topsy-Turvy Bird Bath

Topsy-Turvy Bird Bath

One of our favorite things to do in this lovely weather is to sit outside and watch all the hummingbirds visit our neighbor's bird feeders.  I can only imagine the bird traffic we'd get if we had something as fun and funky as this bird bath/vertical planter amongst all the feeders!   Beth from Home Stories, A to Z had a challenge to make something for the birds, and came up with this colorful and clever arrangement.  It totally reminds me of something Dr. Seuss would think up. 

created at: 04/03/2012

At first glance I wondered how it was all put together, so when I found out the pots were simply threaded onto rebar, I had a "Psshht, I can totally do that" moment.  

Check out Beth's process on Home Stories, A to Z.

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JanSuz on Aug 13, 2013:

I really love your idea of this. I too am going to make this. I think it is perfect TOP to bottom! Thank you for sharing!

Janice on May 09, 2013:

So, I thought this was so cool I desided to make one for me. But in yellow!

Anonymous on Apr 30, 2013:

Love it! I am going to make it today!

Shelli on Jun 20, 2012:

Love this

Angel Mabe on May 20, 2012:

Just completed this for my front porch, alternated pots with a light and a dark blue. I also didnt add the bird bath. Added rocks to the bottom of the lower pot. It was extremely easy and too cute! I have cars slowing down to look. : )

Lesley on May 12, 2012:

My daughter and I are working on this project today! We just finished painting the pots, super excited to see the end result. Thanks!!

DesigningMom on Apr 09, 2012:

What a cute idea! I think a clay pot tray would work for the bird bath. I think I'll make two. One for a bird bath and one to put food in for them.

craftmel on Apr 04, 2012:

Bird Lover,

Thanks for that info, I had no idea!  Instead of repurposing a light fixture piece, I'm sure a pretty thrifted pie pan would be a great solution.  Your suggestion of adding rocks is a great idea too!

YesPlz on Apr 04, 2012:

To the anonymous Bird Lover, thank you for your post. I thought that the bowl on top looked too deep and steep-sided to be safe. Love the idea, but I'll definitely use something more appropriate for the bath.


Anonymous on Apr 04, 2012:

I am totally stealing this for a totem planter for our front porch (minus the birdbath)

Anonymous on Apr 04, 2012:

Cute, but NOT bird safe. The bowl for the bird bath should be MUCH shallower, gently sloping, and filled with no more than 3 inches of water.

From the birding section at About.com: The optimum depth of a bird bath is 1-3 inches deep. Water that is any deeper will be too awkward for even the largest backyard birds to bathe, and very small birds wouldn't be able to use the bath except at the very edge. Adding a shallow dish in the center of the bath or using rocks to adjust the depth can make a deeper bath more accessible to all backyard birds.

Bird lover in Michigan

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