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Bento Box Lunches

by on Apr 6, 2012

Angry Birds Bento Box

Have you seen the Super Mom trend du jour, Bento Boxes? Basically it’s where Lunchables meet Martha Stewart. I gotta say though, they’re pretty darn impressive. See the lengths Moms go to to get their kids to eat something besides chicken nuggets after the jump.

Just in time for Easter, this Bunny Bento extravaganza sure packs a little more nutrition than the chocolate version.

bunny muffin tin bento

Who says you don’t want bugs at your picnic? This little ladybug would certainly be welcome at mine.

ladybug bento box

Japanese character Domo-kun is made out of rye bread, a plum mouth and cheesey teeth. He’s so excited about lunch!

domo kun bento box

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