Roundup: 14 Tasteful Easter Decor Ideas

by on Mar 29, 2012

created at: 03/29/2012
Easter is right around the corner!  We are waaaay behind at my house, seeing as I took down Valentine decorations on Monday.  Pathetic, I know.  It is time to move on to that cheerful Springtime holiday, Easter!  Here is a collection of 14 DIY ideas that I am itching to try.  
created at: 03/29/2012
What is Easter without eggs?  We have lots of modern egg ideas already, but it never hurts to have a few more. 
1. Paper punch eggs,

2. Sequin eggs,

created at: 03/29/2012

3. Washi Tape eggs,

4. Yarn-wrapped eggs,

5. Or silhouette eggs.

created at: 03/29/2012

Springtime usually means the winter grays are being replaced with fresh green everywhere, so try bringing it indoors!

6. Unique wheat grass displays

7. Simple hydrangea wreath

created at: 03/29/2012

We could all do with some framed printable posters (do I see an over-sized paint chip on there? Yessir!) and bunnies around. 

8. Easter Paint Chip printable

9. Spring Subway Art

10. Bunny pillows

11. Origami Easter Bunnies

created at: 03/29/2012

And finally, decor of the hanging variety!  I have no flat surfaces for our decorations, so I usually go this route when getting in any holiday spirit.

12. Book page and Paper Egg Banner

13. Felt Peeps Banner

14. Printable Egg ornaments

Looks like I better get moving if we are going to enjoy any of these ideas before Easter arrives!

Do you decorate for Easter/Spring?

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