Make It: Salvaged Door Coffee Table

Make It: Salvaged Door Coffee Table

I've got a joke for ya. When is a door not a door? When it's ajar! Also? When it's an awesome DIY coffee table! Read on to see how a $10 door became this fantastically upcycled piece of furniture.

door to coffee table makeover

For 10 bucks, Cane and Rita picked up this 5-panel door. They knew they needed 3 panels for the tabletop and 1 for each side. 

door to coffee table makeover

Their blog post takes you through the build step-by-step, including deconstructing the old door, adding a shelf and casters, and sealing the perfectly chipping paint.  They even admit what they'd do differently if they had to do it all over again.

door to table makeover

From the looks of it, I wouldn't change much!

Get the full how-to with a budget breakdown on their blog, This (sorta) Old Life.

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Misha on Mar 18, 2013:

Thanks for posting! We just turned a door into an outdoor table, painted it turqiouse, and painted FREE oak chairs red to go with. This is our next project :) Even my husband is excited to get on it.

Rita@thissortaoldlife on Mar 23, 2012:

Hi CramBeret--The only thing we did to the finish was to apply a clear poly. No paint or stain. We got lucky and found a door with great color and patina. You can see all the how-to details on the link at the end of the post above.

CramBeret on Mar 23, 2012:

wow i would probably never have thought to use an old door to make a new coffee table. it looks great, is the final resulting color from painting or staining?

Rita@Thissortaoldlife on Mar 22, 2012:

Hi Molly! Thanks for featuring our door project!

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