Coasters and Trivets: The Magic of Modular

Coasters and Trivets: The Magic of Modular

When I was a little girl, my grandpa would keep us spell-bound by inexplicably pulling off his thumb and putting it back on again.  I remember when he revealed the secret that his thumb was simply bent and hiding behind his other fingers.  I suddenly could see the illusion (and realized that's why his actual stump of a ring finger could never be put back together!) and it was easy to replicate his little trick.  

When I saw these modular coasters from How About Orange, it made me think of good ol' grandpa and his finger trick- except this time, it is all in felt.  

With a little snip here, and a tuck there, what begins as a piece of felt can become these clever little felt coasters

created at: 03/13/2012

With a little more snipping, folding, bending, and tucking, you can make an even bigger piece that can be used as a trivet or place mat.  What looks like a difficult puzzle suddenly becomes easier when you use the helpful template she provides for each project. 

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