Bye Bye Lazy Susan

Bye Bye Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans, those good for nothin’, corner cabinet wastes of space are going to be a thing of the past, and soon, thanks to cool ideas like this one recently featured at a local home and garden show. The cabinet maker simply made corner drawers. Okay, you still lose some space to empty angles, but hey, they’re better than those rotating shelves that invariably get cockeyed on their hingy-thingies so they won’t close properly. And don’t even get me started on the safety hazards of the cursed things. Ba-bye Susan!

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Anonymous on Apr 09, 2013:

Would like to know where to get these .

Anonymous on Apr 05, 2012:

I LOVE these!! They make much more sense than the other corner cabinets! Any idea where I could find instructions on how to build these?

jasimar on Apr 12, 2007:

HAHA this is GREAT!  I'm thinking of reworking my cabs to do nifty things.  This would be a dream.

sgrplmfry on Apr 11, 2007:

Such a great idea!  Much better than the Lazy Suzan.

DIY Maven on Apr 10, 2007:

That's fabulous!! And a little uncanny--timing wise!


redcrab on Apr 10, 2007:

We just had these installed and I took some pictures the other day.  We thought they were a great alternative to the lazy susan that is typically used in a corner cabinet.  It shouldn't be a problem to use the angled corner spaces!

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