DIY Drip Painted Planters

DIY Drip Painted Planters

What you may consider a mistake while painting walls can actually look awesome when it's done intentionally. Check out these beautiful and seemingly easy DIY drip painted planters. (Probably even easier if you speak Swedish. See why after the jump.)


DIY Drip Painted Planters

Ikea's blog from the mother country shows these gorgeous painted bowls and vases. My Swedish is a little rusty, but I believe they were a DIY idea submitted by someone named Gilla. It looks like Gilla may have dipped the container in some paint, or maybe poured it on and let it run to create the awesome drip patterns.

DIY Drip Planters

Unfortunately, I couldn't find these exact pieces (Havtorn) available in the US or Canada, but the Mandel planter series looks like a good substitute. I love how Gilla dipped the tops in some and the bottoms in others. The color palette is mighty nice, too.

Have you dip-painted any pieces? Am I the only one having 80s splatter painted clothing flashbacks? 

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