The Case for White Slipcovers

white slipcovered sofa
The look of a white sofa is so crisp and clean. But in a home in the real world, with snacks on the sofa, sippy cups and pet paws, can a white sofa stay that way? If you don't think so, maybe this case for white slipcovers can change your mind.
Jill from Forever Cottage makes a pretty convincing argument for having a white slipcovered sofa. She's owned one for 10 years and wouldn't have it any other way.
washing white slipcovers
Aside from her claim that they are easy to keep clean, Jill points out that "white slipcovered furniture allows fickle pillow people {not me, of course} to change the pillows and feel the instant gratification of a new look."
What color is your sofa? Would you dare go white? My husband and I chickened out and bought gray sofas 2 years ago, but maybe next time I'll embrace the white (and load up on Clorox).

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