Roundup: 8 Clever DIY Ways to Organize Your Recycling

Roundup: 8 Clever DIY Ways to Organize Your Recycling
Around here, we take recycling very seriously.  My sweetie even takes things to work that can be recycled there that can't go in our weekly curbside pick-up. With so much to recycle--and to know what goes where--we need to have a recycling system. A few months back we did treat ourselves to Simple Human's Rectangular Recycler. (Which, BTW, if you're going to buy one, buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond and use their 20% off coupon because, otherwise...ouch.) But that's for INSIDE. Now we need to tackle the outside. Oh, well. One step at a time. With these ideas, I'm sure we'll get there eventually. Now, on to the roundup!   

Inexpensive, stack-able bins are a great inexpensive way to tame the recycling monster. The addition of labels makes sure everyone
knows where everything goes.

In 15 minutes, Hillary turned some old bins she had on hand into a recycling center. What I like about this is the roominess of the bins.

For those who have to carry their recycling to a universal bin, plastic coated shopping bags might be the perfect choice.

Martha gets into the act too. Although she goes all out with a complete recycling 'station.' LOVE the use of the pegboard.

IKEA's Trofast is billed at Toy Storage, but it would be perfect for recycling.  If verticality is your thing, there are some of those too in the Trofast line.

This IKEA Hacker turned an Effektiv cabinet into a hidden recycling space. Clever!

If you have your recyclables in your garage or mud room, making cleats to hang them on a wall is a great idea for freeing up floor space. Check out Family Handyman for the complete tute.

If you really want to break out the tools, then an outdoor recycling center/shed is the way to go. Sunset provides the plans, but be aware the instructions are minimal. I'm guessing this would be my sweetie's pick. Not good, however, if you have bears, aka Godless Killing Machines, in your neighborhood.

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Deb on Jul 31, 2013:

You can get the stackable bins and the ones with lids at Wal-Mart or Dollar General for less money than staples.  Happy Recycling!

Kristy on Mar 25, 2013:

We don't even have recycling. Not even offered at grocery stores!

Donna on Dec 09, 2012:

WE are fortunate that not only do we have road side pick up, we are given a large rolling bin for organics, another for garbage and then we blue bag our recyclables.  We don't have to sort the stuff in blue bags blue bags

Anonymous on Mar 27, 2012:

Really? You're so lucky!  we get ours left on the curb with a sternly worded warning if we don't sort properly or put the wrong things in!

DIY Maven on Mar 12, 2012:

@Tracy--yeah, I think that's what they are!

Tracy on Mar 12, 2012:

Are those stack-able bins something that's available at an office supply store like Staples?

danielle on Mar 11, 2012:

wow! I almost wish we had to do this! The organization is lovely. Fortunately, our recycling guys do all the sorting themselves. We are only allowed to have one green bin and they then sort through it (It's true. I've watched them!).

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