Give Your Loo a Lift: Bathroom Organization Tips

Give Your Loo a Lift: Bathroom Organization Tips

We've all seen it.  Actually, I think a lot of us refuse to see it on account that we will have to do something about it if we acknowledge its existence. Regardless, there are few places more ominous than under the bathroom sink (Bruno's basement being one!).  Before panic sets in, it is useful to have an arsenal of tidying tips on hand.  

Ashley of Lil Blue Boo is on a mission to clean and organize every little space in her home, and it starts with her bathroom. 

created at: 03/06/2012

Not only does she give helpful advice on the under-sink problem, she also goes into storage ideas, maintenance, and cleaning tips in her article There's more to be seen in her Spring Cleaning Series, too.

Want to check things off as you go along?  Curbly has a free downloadable Bathroom Cleaning Checklist for you.  Check out how to get it here.

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Loura on Sep 13, 2012:

Bathroom is a very special room of any house’s so always cleaning this room for own safety because in bathroom many types of dangerous bacteria’s are available and those have create some much more infections. Yes these all aspects are definitely clean our bathrooms for fight against bacteria.

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Laurel J on Mar 19, 2012:

I just finished blogging the spring cleaning efforts in my bathroom, which is three separate spaces thanks to Japan(http://petunkalunka.com/2012/03/how-to-renovate-a-bathroom-for-free). I was so grateful to have organized under my bathroom sink. No more purchasing duplicates! 

Laura @ DMHB on Mar 08, 2012:

I think cleaning under the sink is definitely and under rated organization project! I just recently did my kitchen sink (http://dirtymessyhouse.blogspot.com/2012/03/under-kitchen-sink.html), and I was able to free up so much useable space, and being able to see and get to things easily is awesome. I'll be doing the bathroom soon, too, thanks for the great article!

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