Before & After: Outdoor Deck Corner Transformation

Before & After: Outdoor Deck Corner Transformation

Courtney had an awkward corner on her back deck (which happens to be in Australia). Instead of just sticking a table and a plant there and calling it a day, Courtney and her husband Tony pulled out the power tools and came up with a great solution for the space.

They filled the corner with an awesome daybed! 

created at: 03/04/2012

They built a platform and covered the sides in planks of reclaimed wood. Courtney made a mattress out of thrifted foam, batting and fabric. 

daybed in progress

Since it's a covered deck, I could see myself out there rain or shine! I'm sure Courtney, Tony and their fam enjoy this creative way to get the most out of their outdoor space. 

Visit their blog to see how they built the frame, how Courtney made the mattress and the finished daybed

Would you consider adding something like this daybed to your outdoor space?

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Janine on Apr 13, 2013:

Where did you get the foam pieces from? Thrift store pillows?

Anonymous on Mar 14, 2013:

That is so cool butwhere did you get the wood bottom?

Shely on Mar 07, 2012:

OK the only thing I could think to add would be maybe a mosquito net curtain that could be pulled back during the day but closed during the nighttime when all the buggers come out. My son would definitely want to spend every night sleeping out there so that would be the only way to keep him from being eaten alive!

low on Mar 05, 2012:

What are the paint colors of the house? They're great!

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