How To: Make Your Own DIY Faux Milk Glass!

How To: Make Your Own DIY Faux Milk Glass!

You can find real milk glass pretty easily at thrift stores or estate sales, but if your aesthetic swings more towards the modern and/or contemporary realm the pickings are slim (or non-existent).  With this simple DIY technique, though, you can turn any sleek, glass vase into modern milk glass in no time!   


Erin from House of Earnest (the same Erin that shared this awesome tutorial for paint-dipped utensils), created this great little how-to for making your own faux milk glass.  Here's what you'll need:

  • Glass Bottle
  • About 6 oz acrylic or latex paint
  • 2 disposable mixing cups
  • Stirrer (like a chopstick)
  • Plastic Syringe

While milk glass is usually white or pastel, I love the idea of creating bright and colorful versions!  And hey, if you're still riding the neon train (like me!), why not try this with fluorescent pink?

Check out the rest of the steps for creating your own modern faux milk glass over on House of Earnest!

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Chelsea on Jul 09, 2012:

You cannot put flowers in them if you use latex paint.  I have read on another post to use the stem water containers that you'd find at a florist.

jae on Apr 29, 2012:

but can u use them for flowers once you have put the paint in them. I mean wont it wash away from the water

Frk. Smed on Mar 17, 2012:

I forgot how pretty these bottles were. I remember I used to paint bottles like the ones above when I was a teenager at my parrents' house, I just used old wine bottles instead.

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